Stepping Stones

Searching for Solid Footing in a Stormy World.

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Simon Says – Learning by Example

We used to play 'Simon says' a lot when I was a child. Someone would lead and tell us what to do, like... "Simon says put your hands in the air." And everyone's hands went in the air. But if they didn't say "Simon says" we were out. It was hard not to follow what...

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Family Feud – 5 Causes Families Fights

Family Feud is a fun TV game. You never know what's going to happen. Sometimes families win money or prizes. There's always laughter and fun. But a real-life family feud is not a laughing matter. Families will fight about anything. A recent survey at our church...

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I have written my first book. It has been more difficult and more rewarding than I imagined. Through the coaxing of a few friends, I have written about some life lessons from Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount.  My book is called Life Lessons: How Jesus Guides our Path...

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What Does A Woman Want?

I was going through some old communication and found a note that I sent a husband. He was having a difficult time understanding his wife. He thought because he provided a good lifestyle that that was okay. But her response was "You don't understand." And he didn't...

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Failure & Faith

I'm sure you've felt like a failure. I have. I remember when Judy & I were church planters in Columbus, Ohio. We had great hopes. But it just didn't take root and we ended up leaving. I felt like a failure. Sometimes we blame ourselves. Sometimes others blame us....

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