Stepping Stones

Searching for Solid Footing in a Stormy World.

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A Reader is a Leader

I have always loved to read. I think it started for me when my mom read to us at night. She was a school teacher. Then one Christmas my grandmother, who was a school librarian, gave me about 12 paperback books from Scholastic books. I read every one several times. I...

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Start your Day with Silence

What is the first thing that happens in your morning? My guess is you hear your alarm clock or phone going off. Most of our days begin with noise. If it is not an audible noise, we are consumed with internal noise. As soon as we wake up, our mind begins to stress...

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Honor Your Father – Father’s Day Message 2017

Dads are special. I have great memories of my dad. He was a steel mill worker who worked the swing shift. He worked hard, but seemed to take a lot of time to spend with us four kids. Every summer he would take his vacation and we would go to Smoky Mountains or Florida...

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Dear Diary? (Your Morning Journal)

"A dull pencil is better than a sharp memory" It is easy to forget things. That's why I use a written list for things as simple as going to the grocery or as important as my prayer time. Writing things out has many values. That is why many people journal every day. It...

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The Future is Yours – Visualization

Do you ever dream of what your life could be like? Do you know that this process, called visualization, could be a breakthrough for you? It could help you accomplish some of your priority goals in life. If you have ever been in a play or choir, you know that before...

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The Power of Words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Does anybody really believe this? Words hurt. Maybe we should change this saying to: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will break my heart." Proverbs 18:21: “Death and life are in the...

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Try These Daily Affirmations

"The most influential person who will talk to you all day, is you." - Zig Ziglar. I don't know if anybody else will admit this, but I have self-talk all the time. I'm always thinking and pondering imaginary conversations in my mind. Sometimes I feel weird about it....

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My Miracle Morning

One year ago I stumbled across a free Kindle book, "Miracle Morning for Writers." Since it was free, I thought I would see what it was about. Wow! It has changed my world. I then ordered the original "Miracle Morning" and read it in less than one week. I then ordered...

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Hide and Seek – A family game?

Hide and Seek is a fun game we play as children. Usually one person is “It” and the rest of the people hide and “It” tries to find them. An alternative game is called ‘Sardines’ where only one person hides, and everyone else tries to find “It” and hides with him until...

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