Stepping Stones

Searching for Solid Footing in a Stormy World.

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3 Take Aways from Day 3 in Kenya

Heaven Rejoices. It's Day 3 in Nairobi, Kenya for the S4 Conference with Global Surge. Today was the Braveheart Evangelistic Camp. Over 1,129 young people attended this outdoor festival. Lots of music and native dancing, karate, magic and the Gospel. There were 744...

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3 Take Aways from Day 2 in Kenya

Hell's Hole transforms into the Hope Center. It's Day 2 in Nairobi, Kenya for the S4 Conference with Global Surge. Today I met the pastor of The Hope Center in Nairobi, Brian King. This is where the conference is located. I will be attending their Sunday service. The...

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3 Take Aways from Day 1 in Kenya

It's the trip of a lifetime. I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya for the S4 Conference with Global Surge. "S" stands for Synergy. Synergy is the "interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater...

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Good Competition

When I was in 5thgrade my best friend was Bobby Cook. Bobby was a smart guy and usually got an A in every subject. We had a little bit of a contest to see who did better on quizzes and tests. Most times Bobby did. But quite often I did better than Bobby. Having Bobby...

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Giving by Faith

When we were up north, we went to get ice cream in Lewiston. They have playground equipment shaped like a truck, train, and tractor. My grandson, Henry, against his grandparents wishes, climbed on top of the train caboose (about 6 feet high) and yelled at his dad to...

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How to have a Generous Heart

There is a story of a very rich man what was approached to contribute to a major financial campaign. The need was explained and the request for support was made. The man responded, “I understand why you want me to give $100,000. I’m a wealthy man. But there are some...

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Give Like Jesus

A farmer came in to the house and told his wife, “It’s a great day! Our cow had two calves. We were expecting one, but God gave us two. So we should be thankful and give one of them back to God. We will sell it and give the money to help the poor.” The next morning he...

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Give in Spite of Circumstances

"I hate taking out the trash!!!" Every Tuesday Ralph had to take out the garbage early in the morning before the truck arrived. “I hate doing this,” he often complained to his wife. “I just can't stand to take out the trash.” The complaints were so regular that they...

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Don’t Run Away From God

A boy ran by a man standing on the curb. Five minutes later the boy rushed by again. After this had happened a half-dozen times, the man stopped him and asked, “What’s the idea, Sonny? What’s the rush?” The boy looked up very indignantly and shouted, “I’m running away...

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