Stepping Stones

Searching for Solid Footing in a Stormy World.

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How much should we pay our pastor?

Of all the issues that church leaders face, the question of pastoral staff salary can be a minefield. Few other issues can be as divisive to a congregation. I recall early in my pastoral ministry, when the time came to discuss salary, the tempers would fly. Some felt...

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Doctrine Divides; Love Unites

Because doctrine can be divisive, many people stay away from talking about it. I've always heard two things never to discuss in public: religion and politics. But Paul encourages us to know correct doctrine.  "Doctrine divides, but doctrine also unites. It binds...

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Liberty, Love and the Weaker Brother

Christians don't agree on everything. Certainly some things are black and white. However, some areas are gray. There is no clear Biblical command. Yet, the Bible gives us principles to choose wisely. But the issue often is not what is right and wrong, but how we...

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Pray for Your Children – Lessons from Job

Job is best known for his patience in tribulation. However, he is also a role model for parents, especially fathers. He had ten children and prayed for each of them. I hope this blog helps you pray for the children in your life. God blessed Job with: 1 - Godly...

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The Honeymoon is Over (Lessons from Adam and Eve)

The word ‘honeymoon’ has come to mean the newness of love. The word ‘honeymoon’ actually implies that the first moon or fist month is the sweetest. However, God intended marriage to increase in romance. If there ever was a marriage ‘made in heaven’, Adam and Eve had...

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A Lesson in Faith

Do you trust me? The answer to this question will reveal your faith in the one who asked the question. Trust is important in family life. Husbands and wives must trust each other. Children must trust their parents. Parents are going to have to trust their children....

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Before You Tweet

Recently, we have witnessed the tragic results of one tweet from one person. Rosanne Barr sent out a tweet that had racial implications. I'm not going to quote it. You can search exactly what she said. Racism is a terrible and ungodly attitude. Sadly, it is often a...

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Preparing a Giant-Killer

The story of David and Goliath is a wonderful story of good over evil.  You may think the lesson learned from the story of David and Goliath is: You may be small and weak, like David, but if you use whatever insignificant pebbles you have, and trust God, you can...

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Getting the Kids in the Boat

In my previous blog, I emphasized the importance of making sure our family becomes a Christian (see Family Lessons from Noah). As Noah was able to save his family from the destruction of the flood by getting them in the ark, it is important to get our family 'in...

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