Stepping Stones

Searching for Solid Footing in a Stormy World.

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Three Ways to Show you Care

I grew up in a family that seldom expressed love. Rarely did we say "I love you" or give one another a hug. We hid our emotions rather than express them. I do not resent how I grew up. I knew my mom and dad loved me regardless of their lack of expression. My mom was...

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People Power

Money and opportunities are valueless without people. Whether it’s a company, a church or a family, the greatest asset of any organization is people.  Paul concluded his first letter to the church in Corinth by mentioning four people (1 Corinthians 16:10-19). I think...

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Opportunity Knocks Every Day

Imagine there is a bank that deposits $86,400 into your account every single morning. Imagine that no matter what is left over that night, the balance goes back to $0, but every morning another $86,400 shows up. It is 'use it or lose it.' What would you do? I know...

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Sharing Money

If you received a million dollars, what would you do with it? Buy a house. Buy a car. Take a long trip. Put it in savings. Pay off all your bills. It is a sad commentary on human nature that, when a person is dreaming of what he would do if he was a millionaire, he...

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What Will We Be Like In Heaven?

Growing up in my family nothing could keep us from watching Hee Haw on Saturday evening. For those younger than 50, Hee Haw was a country variety show with music and humor. I loved watching Junior Samples, Grandpa Jones, Buck Owens and Roy Clark. A couple of years ago...

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I don't remember the first time I heard the name Bob Goff. However, he impressed me so much I read both his books this year (Love Does, Everybody Wins), and then read his wife's book (Love Lives Here). All are excellent.  When I heard that Bob was speaking at the 2018...

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Turning Limitations into Opportunities

The size of your faith will ultimately determine the size of your opportunity. When a limitation comes, do you have enough faith to see it as an opportunity? Every limitation will test your faith. So ask yourself..... Do I see limitations or opportunities? Do I think...

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Christians in an Age of Outrage

Our world is changing. We live in a fractured and broken world that desperately needs healing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But too often it is the world that is making changes to the church, rather than the church positively changing our world. Today's...

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Speaking in Tongues? Some Warnings.

Speaking in tongues is a most controversial spiritual gift. I preached a message from 1 Corinthians 14 this past Sunday and shared some of its principles with our congregation. I thought I would share them with you. Problems surrounding speaking in tongues have been...

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