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Searching for Solid Footing in a Stormy World.

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Four Ideas to Help you Accomplish your Goals

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Are you going to lose some weight? Or maybe read more books or learn a new language? Maybe you want to read the entire Bible this year? I hope you are you planning for a great year? I saw a recent article that listed the five most...

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Waiting for Christmas

Did you ever write letters to Santa? I found a few that are cute: Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? If you can not buy what I want take it easy on your self. Just give me tens and ones of money. Dear Santa, You better bring me a pony this year or there will be...

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Four Ways to Discover Joy at Christmas

Few seasons trigger the memories that Christmas does. Think back to your childhood Christmases. I recall my dad taking 8-mm movies every Christmas morning. We would have to wait in the hall until the bright home movie lights turned on. Only then did we make our...

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The Blessing of Giving

Christmas is the season for giving. God gave His Son. Wise men gave gifts to Jesus. We give gifts to loved ones. When we think of gifts we often think of receiving gifts. But Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). This Christmas, let’s...

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Reasons for Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving every day? It's been one week since Thanksgiving. On that day I am sure you took time to thank God for all His blessings. But doesn't God do wonderful things for us all year. Shouldn't we thank Him more than just once a year. The idea of "once a year"...

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Three Ways to Show you Care

I grew up in a family that seldom expressed love. Rarely did we say "I love you" or give one another a hug. We hid our emotions rather than express them. I do not resent how I grew up. I knew my mom and dad loved me regardless of their lack of expression. My mom was...

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People Power

Money and opportunities are valueless without people. Whether it’s a company, a church or a family, the greatest asset of any organization is people.  Paul concluded his first letter to the church in Corinth by mentioning four people (1 Corinthians 16:10-19). I think...

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Opportunity Knocks Every Day

Imagine there is a bank that deposits $86,400 into your account every single morning. Imagine that no matter what is left over that night, the balance goes back to $0, but every morning another $86,400 shows up. It is 'use it or lose it.' What would you do? I know...

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Sharing Money

If you received a million dollars, what would you do with it? Buy a house. Buy a car. Take a long trip. Put it in savings. Pay off all your bills. It is a sad commentary on human nature that, when a person is dreaming of what he would do if he was a millionaire, he...

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