Stepping Stones

Searching for Solid Footing in a Stormy World.

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Do You Have A Charlie Brown Complex?

Some people are doomed to suffer the Charlie Brown Complex. I didn't make that up. I first discovered this label from John Maxwell in his great book, Be a People Person. If you are familiar with the cartoon character, Charlie Brown, you will know that he just can't...

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5 Questions When You Are Stuck in a Conversation

The other day I was sitting at a table with some friends and the conversation just stopped. Awkward silence. I kept thinking of something to say... a conversation starter. Or at least something to stop the silence. But couldn't think of a thing. Silence can be great....

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4 Ways to Get Un-Stuck

Where is the strangest place you've ever been stuck?  I know people who have been stuck in an elevator, on a roller coaster, in the mud... But the craziest story I heard is about a child who was stuck in an arcade game trying to get a stuffed animal. Regardless of...

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A Sacrifice of Praise

On the first Palm Sunday, people laid their coats and branches down before Jesus. By spreading their coats on the road, as well as freshly cut branches, it was their version of rolling out the red carpet. This is why it is called Palm Sunday. They laid these down and...

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Why Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the end for Jesus’ earthly life. It was the first day in what was to be His last week. His week would take him to a cross on Friday morning, into a tomb on Friday night and all day Saturday, then ultimately result in him being raised...

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Where is Jesus Today?

Christ promised to be faithfully present to us as we are faithfully present for Him. I have discovered six spaces where Jesus will meet us. Amazingly, in each of these Christ’s presence is real. Though we can claim His ever-presence, often we do not recognize His...

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