Stepping Stones

Searching for Solid Footing in a Stormy World.

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Christian Unity: Four Reasons

Bacon and eggs. Peanut butter and jelly. Chips and salsa. Oreos and milk. French fries and ketchup.  Some things are just better together. God designed the church to be better together. The church is best when it is working together. Like a healthy human body, every...

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When Worship Isn’t Worship

What is worship? Worship is more than a song or a speech. Worship is more than a performance or an event on Sunday.  Worship is an inward feeling and outward action that reflect the worth of God. A church's worship service is to be focused on God. Not just leaders,...

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The Danger of Living on the Edge, Part Two

Last week a woman accidentally drove her car off a cliff on Highway 1 on the Pacific Ocean coastway in California. She was found seven days later by surfers, broken bones and hungry, but alive. Many people drive and walk too close to the edge of cliffs. I guess they...

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The Danger of Living on the Edge, Part One

Move your glass away from the edge!!! I can still recall hearing those words from my mom at the dinner table. I would get a drink of milk and then put my glass near the edge so I could reach it next time. However, she felt it was too close to the edge. It might fall...

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Exercise Your Right to Give Up Your Rights

Human Rights!? Ever since the Constitutional Bill of Rights, many in our country have protested in favor of their personal rights. When we feel rights have been violated, we protest. Difficulty and chaos enter when rights collide. However, maybe a Christian option is...

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How much should we pay our pastor?

Of all the issues that church leaders face, the question of pastoral staff salary can be a minefield. Few other issues can be as divisive to a congregation. I recall early in my pastoral ministry, when the time came to discuss salary, the tempers would fly. Some felt...

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Doctrine Divides; Love Unites

Because doctrine can be divisive, many people stay away from talking about it. I've always heard two things never to discuss in public: religion and politics. But Paul encourages us to know correct doctrine.  "Doctrine divides, but doctrine also unites. It binds...

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Liberty, Love and the Weaker Brother

Christians don't agree on everything. Certainly some things are black and white. However, some areas are gray. There is no clear Biblical command. Yet, the Bible gives us principles to choose wisely. But the issue often is not what is right and wrong, but how we...

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Pray for Your Children – Lessons from Job

Job is best known for his patience in tribulation. However, he is also a role model for parents, especially fathers. He had ten children and prayed for each of them. I hope this blog helps you pray for the children in your life. God blessed Job with: 1 - Godly...

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