Our 2015 Missions Trip Team is on our first overseas trip this week in the Bahamas. I have taken many missions trips and wish every Christian could go on a cross-cultural, overseas short-term missions trip. Please consider joining us next time.

Our host missionary, Rick Schuesler, wrote some thoughts on Missions Trips. I’ve altered it a little and want to give you 8 reasons to go on a missions trip.

1. Fun and Lifelong Memories.

Not just in the Bahamas, but every mission field has sights, foods, people, experiences will provide you a great time. The pictures and memories will be with you forever.

2. Character Building.

Mission trips are a place Christians discover their talents, interest, and passions. Every experience on a mission builds character; prepares people for ministry, and contributes to the development of a well-rounded person.

3. Peer support and sense of community.

When you join others in a missions trip, you spend day and night with others. You learn to know each other well. The closeness brings tolerance and acceptance and creates a strong sense of community. This turns into into a feeling of belonging and family. It bonds church members to one another. And you will make friends for life.

4. Educational Gain.

Each one coming on a missions trip may read about the country, but once they experience it; they learn a whole lot. They learn about the government, the geography, and the living standards of the local people.

5. Confidence.

Most missions trips open doors to a whole new world of skill development. Light construction, evangelism, medicine, building relationships, sharing Jesus are all skill you could learn and use.. When presented with new situations, relationships, and challenges, you gain confidence in your self and the Lord’s work through you.

6. Positive Role model.

Although they are not perfect, missionaries tend to be a cut above others. Just by being on the mission field, they have demonstrated the extent they will obey Jesus. Spending even a short time around such great people will provide you with a living example of Christian living.

7. Compassion.

For those who have never been away from the U.S.A., a mission trip may be their first opportunity to see harsh conditions. Though America certainly has its share of poverty and disease, we tend to stay away from those neighborhoods. Missions Trips will push you into those situations, so you can love them. Hopefully, that love will carry home to those in your neighborhood.

8. Share Jesus.

When Jesus died He commissioned us to share the great commandment. On a short-term missions trip, you will learn different ways to share Jesus and take those skills back home and share Jesus there.

Do you have a comment or know of another reason to take a short-term missions trip?