missions-trip-to-bahamas-1-728I am on our church’s second missions trip with Champs Missions in The Bahamas – April 3-9, 2016. This time I thought I’d blog updates of how each day went. My hope is to encourage others to make a missions trip. And also to log our week so we can remember what we did this week. It’s great to serve the Lord in this place.


Our Team: David, Rick, David, Perry & Traci.

Our flight with Jet Blue was great. Because it was inexpensive, I anticipated it to be pretty rough. But it was fine. We arrived at Detroit Metro Airport early (3am) and the lady at the counter opened up early to check us in. We had a layover in Boston, then a 3+ hour flight to Bahamas. Our only problem was waiting on the runway at Nassau for an open gate. But, I would recommend Jet Blue.

Since we arrived late on Sunday, we just went back to check in to El Greco Hotel. It’s not luxurious, but clean and close to the beach. We drove around the island and saw some of the poverty. Then we went back to the motel, got our t-shirts and went to bed a little early.

Our first full day, Monday, was spent at Teleos Christian School. It is a ministry of New Testament Independent Baptist Church. They have 165 students. All students in The Bahamas wear uniforms.


Pastor David preaching in chapel.

We arrived in time to hear Pastor David Adams preach in chapel. The students have been on Easter break and this was their first day at school. Pastor David preached from Daniel 5 when King Belshazzar of Babylon had a party while Persia was attacking his capital. The king had a false sense of security. Rather than preparing for battle, he threw a party. And the king had no sense of holiness. While drinking, he called for the dishes of the Jerusalem Temple brought in and used them to toast to his gods of gold and wood (money & possessions). Pastor David commented about The Bahamas: “Our nation is not going to be judged – it is being judged – because here is no respect for God or the things of God.” I think the same can be said of America. The king had gone too far. God’s hand appeared on the wall to inform him that his kingdom would soon be gone. You never know when your time is up. So be ready!

On a side-note: When a student appeared to be sleepy, Pastor David had him stand up so he could wake up. I thought it would be a good idea back in America when I preach, but he said it probably wouldn’t work. But it would be fun to try.


Traci & David in the classroom. Last year our team paid for and laid the flooring in this room.

We spent the rest of the day helping in various classrooms. The school is an A.C.E. school. Each student works on ‘paces’ at their own pace. Some of the classrooms were more organized than others. At times, it seemed like organized chaos. Perry Cisco became a lead teacher when his teacher left for the day. Also, I think Traci Arquette was a little challenged. As a school teacher, she wanted to do more but not able to. She ended up helping in kindergarten.


Lunchtime at school.

It rained most of the afternoon, so we were unable to do our ministry at the park in the evening. So we toured the island. We saw the home where Anna Nicole died. We also stopped by the park where I had my iphone stolen last year. Missionary Rick Scheussler wants to purchase a church building to restart a Haitian church. We stopped and listened to wonderful music in Creole from some young people. The building is going to need a lot of work.

We arrived back at the hotel and are ready to get some sleep. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be a big day of Track and Field. Several Christian schools will gather to compete at a local stadium. We will be helping them and building relationships.

For the first day, this has been wonderful. It always surprises me that, even though we are in the same place, the ministry is so different. Last time we were with a big group of about 20. This time we are only 6. But it’s been wonderful. Stay tuned for more updates.

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