I read a book that had an intriguing title and premise. Jim Day, leader of Focus on the Family, simply asked several Christians to state ‘the best advice I ever got on marriage.’ Wow! There is some great wisdom in this book.

However, since you read a blog for just a few minutes, I want to give you the advice without commentary. I’ve included the person who wrote the chapter.

1. Keep your commitment to your commitment (Ken Blanchard)

2. Make love a verb (Andy Stanley)

3. Recognize God is my Heavenly Father-in-Law (Gary Thomas)

4. Practice non-random acts of kindness (Paul & Teri Reisser)

5. Lighten up and laugh (Ted Cunningham)

6. Be your partner’s best friend (Les and Leslie Parrott)

7. Communicate how much your mate means to you (H. B. London)

8. Stop, drop and roll – when faced with trouble, stop thinking negative, pray, respond in a different way (Dewey Wilson)

9. The art of affirmation – use words to build up (Joni Eareckson Tada)

10. Ask older couples what works for them (Bill & Pam Farrel)

11. Nine words that have helped us stay married – Don’t ever threaten your spouse with divorce or separation (Bob Waliszewski)

12. Grow as a couple and as individuals (Frank Pastore)

13. Put sex on the calendar (Jill Savage)

14. Attitude is a choice (Stormie Omartian)

15. Deliberately seek the Lord (Phil & Heather Joel)

16. Believe your spouse wants your best (Jeff & Shaunti Feldhahn)

17. The power of taking a time-out (Michael & Amy Smalley)

18. The convicting question that’s changing our marriage – How would I like to be married to me? (Lee Strobel)

Do you have a ‘best marriage advice’ statement?