When I was growing up, we always celebrated Halloween. It was a great time to get dressed up, run around with friends in the neighborhood, and get free candy. Even as a teen in a Baptist church, we would go to the local haunted houses as a youth activity and have Halloween parties.

But as I became a youth worker and was involved in many differing opinions about such things, I found out that many Christians have a problem with Halloween… after all, it is a ‘Satanic’ holiday.

Doing some research I found out that it does indeed have many demonic connections. So should Christians celebrate Halloween? I did a little internet search on what others think and, boy, are Christians all over the map. Most agree on the origins of Halloween, but many differ on our involvement and allowing children to participate.

Halloween originally was a Celtic festivity observing the end of summer sacrifices to gods. In Britain and France, it was the beginning of the Celtic year and they believed that the lord of death sent evil spirits to attack humans. So they escaped them by disguises, many looking like evil spirits themselves. It was thought the evil spirits played nasty tricks on humans.

In about the 4th century, Christians competed with this holiday by celebrating the lives of faithful saints the day after Halloween – often called ‘All Saints Day.’  Today, Halloween is often celebrated innocently. However, Satanists call Halloween one of two high and holy days. There is no question that those who practice witchcraft honor Halloween.

So the original question, should Christians celebrate Halloween?

First, I think Christians should know and teach the truth about Halloween, Satan, and evil in the world. There is a spiritual world filled with goodness from God and evil from Satan. Christ has power over the darkness, but many people are trapped by Satan’s power.

Second, to counter the evil influence that Halloween can have, we should join together and celebrate the power Christ has over evil. If Satan’s desire was to have a special day to honor him and his kingdom, we can redeem that day and honor Christ and His kingdom. Rather than ‘hide’ in the face of evil, we should create a positive and godly alternative – providing an environment that has the fun of Halloween, but the redeeming qualities that it lacks.

Use Halloween as a ‘teachable moment’ to celebrate God’s protection, provision, and purpose for our lives. I would not go as far as to say to ‘celebrate Halloween’ but I think October 31 is a day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

What do you think? How do you spend your Halloween? Leave a comment.

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