What valuable lesson have you learned about ministry?

If you have found this post, it is probably because you were invited or discovered a link seeking help writing my new book, Ministry Lessons. Thanks for your consideration.

I have written two books so far. Life Lessons (published in 2017 – Order Link) is about the Sermon on the Mount. Christians Lessons (to be published in 2019) is about Christmas. These two books came from my preaching and teaching ministry. When I considered a third book, I thought about doing Ministry Lessons. Rather than develop a dozen lessons, I felt like I needed to learn some lessons from other ministers. So I could use your help?

What valuable lesson have you learned about ministry? If you have served for any number of years, you have certainly learned some things that you can pass on to others. I would love for you to write a chapter (1500-2500 words) to include in my book. 

The format will be as follows. The lesson can be Biblical, practical, theological, relational, or just about anything you want to share. Please include a Bible verse for your lesson. Then send me your text with a chapter title. Though you wrote the chapter, I reserve the right to edit the content, and will allow you to approve the final draft. I use a professional editor that will make final recommendations to the entire book. In the event of several submissions, it is possible that your chapter will not be included in this book. 

If you send me a chapter, I will give you full credit for your chapter. I will simply compile the book. In your chapter, I can also include any information you want to promote about yourself, your church or services you provide (books, speaking, website, etc).  Once published, you can order (at cost) as many books as you want. In addition, you will receive a free copy of the book. The book will be available as a paperback book and as a Kindle edition. 

If you are interested, please email me right away (greg.burdine@gmail.com). The deadline for the chapter is May 15, 2019. That will give me time to do a final edit and send it to my editor. I will keep in touch with the progress. 

I’m real excited about this book. I think there are many lessons we can share with other ministers. If you have never published a book, maybe this will get your started. It’s not as hard as you think. Now is one of the best times to do it. I hope this will encourage you to write a complete book. If you need help, I can share my experience. 

God bless your ministry. May God use the lessons we have learned to help others.

Greg Burdine

If you are interested, I have written one lesson I will be using. It is called “Make Time For God.” (It hasn’t gone through the final edit yet.) Just click HERE and you can read it to get an idea.