We live in a crazy world. Wars, terror, faulty economies, hunger, disease, and many other social and political problems have created a world out of control. What is needed? I believe Jesus is the answer to the world and the people in it.

This month our church has a worldwide missions emphasis. We have heard from a missionary who takes the Bible to people who have never had one. Another is going to Peru. Yesterday we heard from a missionary to the Arabic-speaking people in Dearborn, Michigan. We still will hear from a family starting a church in inner-city Detroit and a missionary in the Bahamas. Each Sunday our congregation is encouraged to buy organic, free-trade coffee that not only gives a fair wage to farmers in Mexico, but also helps college students experience a missions trip.

Our congregation is encouraged to prayerfully consider promising to give finances to worldwide missions.  Last year, our budget was $100,000. This year our budget is proposed to be $110,000.

I want to explain to you what ‘Faith Promise Missions Giving’ is all about.

Give Money To God. Giving to God through tithes and offerings is taught in the Bible, before the law, under the law, and after the law.  Giving to God is part of our worship (Psalm 96:8,9). Giving to God is not only an act of obedience (Luke 6:38), but it is an expression of our love (2 Corinthians 8:8).

Try Giving God 10%. Tithing is simply returning to God the first tenth of our income. God has promised blessings to those who tithe to Him. Our church has an annual All-Tithe Sunday to give people an opportunity to experience God’s blessings to obedient giving.

Give To Missions. The Faith Promise Missions Promise is the amount each Christian in our church promises to give by faith above his/her tithes during the coming year to the world evangelization program of our church.  Faith Promise Missions giving is a method of giving with a biblical base. Each person decides what to give.

More Blessed To Give Than Receive. We have received the Gospel. Now it is our responsibility to take or send the Gospel to those beyond us. As our faith is increased, our giving will increase, and the missionaries’ ministries can be ‘enlarged’ (2 Corl. 10:14-16). More can be done by those who are sent as the faith of the senders is increased.

Plant For A Big Harvest. October is harvest season.  The harvest is dependent on the Spring planting season. Sow much, you can harvest much, Sow little and you reap little (2 Cor. 9:6-8). The same is true with giving to God. Much or little, it is our choice how much to give. Once we have decided how much to give, we commit to it.  Then we give, not grudgingly or of necessity, not reluctantly, nor under pressure. God loves cheerful givers.  As a result of our obedient, generous, voluntary giving, God will generously provide all we need. God will bless our faith and our obedience. God is able to increase our income, decrease our expenditures, give us wisdom in our finances, give us grace to sacrifice, or even perform a miracle.

God Wants You More Than Your Money. Faith Promise works best when there is a personal surrender to the Lord and His will and when we acknowledge that giving to Missions is a grace in which we can and should abound and grow (2 Cor. 8:1-7). Once we understand the need to get the Good News to regions beyond ourselves and we realize that in order for that to happen our faith must be increased, we pray and ask the Lord to show us how much we should commit. when we have prayed and are ready to make the commitment, we join with others in our church to send missionaries to the world. As we submit ourselves to God’s leadership, we trust in His provision and commit to honor our promise to the missionaries.

People around our county and around the world are waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus. Missionaries are being prepared and trained to go the world. Please pray, increase your faith and give faithfully and generously.  May God bless you as you decide what He would want you to give to worldwide missions.

Our church is committed to missions. 100% of the money received for missions through our church goes to missionaries and missionary organizations. So, if you do not have an avenue to give to Missions we would love to help you partner with some great missionaries. Yet, regardless if you choose us, I want you to experience the thrill and blessing of partnering with God to reach the world with the message of His Son.

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