The theme for the week of the 2015 Fall Meeting of the Baptist Bible Fellowship is Revitalization. It was held at High Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri.

The links below are notes from some of the sessions I attended.

Monday Night Service: Revitalization for the Lost & your Church (Dwayne Wright & Brian Moore)

Tuesday Breakout: Revitalization through Small Groups (Matt Adrian)

Tuesday Breakout: Revitalization through Communication (Lonnie Lehrman)

Tuesday Breakout: Revitalization through Strategic Planning (Randy Harp)

Tuesday Night Service: Revitalization through Missions, Change & Pain (Gene Appel)

Wednesday Breakout: Revitalization through Videos (Rob Lyons, Blake Housley)

Wednesday Breakout: Revitalizing your  Volunteer Base (Mike Haley)

Wednesday Service: Revitalzation in the City and to the World (Jerel Bland, Anthony Milas)