She did what she could.  Five words with unthinkable power.

She saw Jesus across the room and worked her way through the group that had gathered around Him.  When she reached Him she opened her bottle of perfumed oil and tipped its contents on His hair.  One of His disciples remarked, ‘What a waste!  Think how many hungry people could have been fed with what it cost!’

But Jesus’ reply resounded in the filled room, ‘She has done a beautiful thing.  Yes, her gift was expensive, but she meant this as an offering for Me, to prepare Me for what I am facing.  She did what she could. And because she did what she could, what she did will be remembered for as long as I am remembered.’

She did what she could.  She acted. She didn’t just think about acting – I’ll do something sometime. She didn’t act out of obligation, or let others act for her, or wait to be invited. She did something.

She did what she could. She acted out of what she had, not what she wished she had.  She did what she could, not all she could.

She did what she could.  She was a specific woman with a specific story who acted out of the particulars of her life.  She acted because she knew she was loved by Jesus and wanted to love Him back.

She did what she could.  She acted with what she had (a bottle of perfumed oil), where she was (in public) and when it mattered (prior to Jesus’ death).  Her public expression of commitment to Christ invited others to decide what they would do with Him.  Her action forced the hands of all present and moved them either to relationship or rejection of Jesus.

As a result of her action she was ridiculed by others.  But as a result of her action she was honored by Jesus.

What if you did what you could? What if you acted?  What if you didn’t just think about acting but actually acted?  What if you didn’t act out of obligation? What if you didn’t let others act for you? What if you didn’t wait to be invited?  What if you didn’t just wonder about what difference you could make but actually took a step?

What if you quit focusing on what you don’t have and considered instead what you do have?  What if you let go of the pressure to do everything you could and instead did the one thing you could do now?  What if you started right now, in this moment, in this season of life, to do what you could?

What if you offered your story and your skills?  What if you didn’t wait until you had it right or finished or perfect?  What if you believed God loved you so much that you wanted to love Him back by doing what you could?

What if you acted with what you have?  What if you acted right where you are?  What if you acted because it might matter?

As a result of your action, someone might be helped.  As a result of your action, you would be a better person?  As a result of your action, the world would be better.

Today, do what you can do…