This Sunday is our annual Missions Conference. You will be encouraged to prayerfully consider promising to give of your finances to worldwide missions.

I’ve been both on the receiving side, and the giving side of Missions. Prior to becoming the pastor of Faith Baptist Church, I was a church planting missionary in Columbus, Ohio.

Through the years, I have had the chance to meet some wonderful missionaries who are doing a fantastic job carrying the Gospel of Jesus and the Love of God to people around the world. I have also met others within our church who have sensed the joy and blessing of giving to help those missionaries do their calling.

As we consider another year of missions giving, here’s a few reasons I give to missions. I think you should join the movement of those who give generously, faithfully and intentionally to missions.

When I give to Missions…

1. …. I know that my money is invested for the eternal purposes of God.

2. …. I can be part of something greater than myself.

3. … I am taught to be unselfish because I may never see the fruit of my giving.

4. … my heart follows my money, and I fall more in love with Jesus & Missions.

5. …. it helps me think about how the other 99% of the world lives so I can re-calibrate my life as part of the 1%.

6. …. It teaches me that a group of determined followers of Jesus can do amazing things together.

7. …. I help those dedicated to winning souls and planting churches do so unhindered.

8. …. I am doing what God wants me to do. Obedience is a blessing.

9. …. I am storing for myself treasures in heaven.

10. …. I am blessed.

Can you think of reasons to give to Missions?

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