Have you ever been desperate for a miracle? Maybe a financial crisis or health concern caused you great distress. For me it has been family issues that I have begged God to intervene.

On a day when Jesus was traveling to visit a sick young girl, another woman slipped to his side unseen. A terrible disease had left her deathly ill, socially abandoned, and financially empty. She was desperate for a miracle. She simply touched Jesus’ clothes and was immediately healed.

In this story (you can read it in Mark 5:25-34), we discover what works when everything in life seems broken.

1. The Touch of Faith will work.

Jesus commended her for her faith. As a matter of fact, Jesus said it was her ‘faith had made her whole.’ What kind of faith did she have?

She had lonely faithBecause she was bleeding, Jewish custom prevented her worship in the synagogue. She was considered ‘unclean’ and could not have normal social relationships, even with family. For anyone to come into contact with her, they would be unclean.

She had desperate faithShe tried all treatments. Among the more bizarre remedies of the day was to hold a cup of wine at a crossroads while someone came up from behind to scare you. Another suggested to carry barley corn from the droppings of a white she donkey. She had spent all her money and instead of getting better, she grew worse. She was broke, cut off from home, society & religion, and in declining health. She was at the bottom.

She had ignorant faithShe thought His clothes had some kind of power. She was a little superstitious and didn’t have much faith in Jesus. Her faith wasn’t perfect.

She had selfish faithShe did not especially care about Jesus. She just knew He could help her. She would try anything. It appears she hoped she would not have to meet Him.

She had persistent faith. She did not give up looking for a cure – for 12 years. Sometimes we are tempted to give up on people or situations that have not changed for years.

2. The Power of Jesus will work.

As this woman reached out in her feeble, weak faith, Jesus’ power was released. Faith releases the power of God. What kind of power does Jesus possess?

Jesus has a powerful touchHer faith paid off. As soon as she touched the ‘hem of his garment’, she was healed. Jesus did more on accident than all the physicians could do on purpose. Actually, Jesus did not even touch her. It was his robe.

Jesus has a powerful look. She had not figured in the response of Jesus. Jesus would not give His power without her knowing Him personally. The disciples could not imagine that in a crowd like that with everyone touching and pushing each other that Jesus would feel the individual touch of one person in need. But He did. Jesus recognizes the need of the most ‘insignificant’ person.

Jesus has a powerful relationshipHer faith began a relationship with Jesus. What started as a chance meeting, became a family relationship. He addressed her as ‘daughter’ – a family name. She was now viewed by Him as one of His children. She not only received physical healing but spiritual healing as well. She truly had become a follower of Jesus Christ and was made whole.

This woman’s touch brought together two elements – faith and Jesus – and that made it effective.

This poor woman represents humanity – all of us. We are spiritually ill. We have spent our resources trying remedies which do not work. Christ comes to us from the Cross. We need to touch Him by faith. Do not fear that He will not respond. Do not fear that you are too ignorant. Do not fear that you are too selfish. Fear only one thing – that you will let Jesus pass without reaching out in faith to Him.