Church is for God, not us.

When I was growing up my grandpa had a saying when we asked him about going to church.  He said, “Six days a week, God is good to us and on Sundays we give thanks.”  I’m afraid that many people don’t have this idea.  They feel that the reason one goes to church is to get something out of it.  Frankly, as a child, I’m not sure if I ever expected to get anything out of it or not.  At any rate, that wasn’t the point.  Where do we get the idea that what happens in church is about us?  It is the Lord’s day.  We go to worship the Lord.

Even those who faithfully attend church might question why attending church is so important.  I often hear people talk about the exciting programs, good sermons, or the joy of Christian fellowship at their church.  Those aren’t bad reasons.  But those things can change. Programs lose their excitement over time, sermons can be too dependent on the speaker, and the ‘sweet’ fellowship changes through the years. What will not change is this: God is worthy of worship.  That will not change.  No one so far has ever told me, “Well, pastor, I quit coming to church because I decided that God just isn’t really worthy of being worshiped any more.”  I have never heard anybody say that.

Does God deserve to be worshiped?  I believer He does.  Then, the church service is the time for adoring God, for praising Jesus Christ, for giving thanks to our Lord who is so good to us.  That is why you should go.  That is what you should go to do.  If you get blessed, it’s a bonus, a by-product.  It’s nice when that happens.  I hope it happens a lot – but it’s not why you should go.  When it’s the Lord’s day you should go to worship the Lord.