Discover my new book to learn some valuable lessons about pastoral ministry. I asked several experienced pastors to share the one greatest lesson they have learned about ministry. The result is this book, Ministry Lessons: Practical Wisdom for Pastors from Pastors 

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What’s it about?

I have learned many practical lessons about ministry. But with the help of some of my pastor friends, I now have a whole book of ten practical lessons about ministry. I simply asked each of them to share the one lesson they would like to share with other pastors. This book is designed to share valuable time-tested lessons from men who have pastored for many, many years. Most of these men have pastored the same church for over a quarter of a century. If you added them all up, there are over 200 years of ministry experience in this book. 

My prayer is that these lessons will save a young pastor from making some of the same mistakes these experienced pastors have made. I am also hoping that these lessons will give some guidance and wise counsel to a discouraged pastor who does not know what to do in a church mess. If you are not a pastor, I hope this book will help you to begin to understand the complicated situations in which pastors often find themselves.


The chapter titles…

Below are the chapter titles for Ministry Lessons (including the pastor):

1 – Spend Time Every Day With God (Greg Burdine)

2 – Discover The Sweet-Spot of Faith and Works (Tim Adrian)

3 – Go Back to Your Base (Gary Fuller)

4 – Take Paul’s Advice (Jerry Pelfrey)

5 – Develop Some Pastor Priorities (Linzy Slayden)

6 – Keep Family a Priority (Sam Keller)

7 – Stay (Jerry Burton)

8 – Avoid and Overcome Discouragement and Depression (Jim Baize)

9 – Handle Difficult Criticism from Members with Wisdom (Dale Peterson)

10 – Care For the Dead and Dying (William VanValkenburg)

You can read the first two chapters right now.

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