In Luke 1, we have the story of two special babies – one from womb of an old woman, the other from a young virgin teenager celebrating her upcoming marriage. This is the God we serve – a God who chooses His time to bless His people in ways we never could expect.

The stories of the conception and birth of Jesus and John the Baptist are only explained in the Gospel of Luke. In my recent sermons, I discovered some great life principles…

1 – God often accomplishes His will in unusual and unexpected ways.

Zacharias and Elizabeth were old and didn’t expect to be blessed with a child. Yet, God promised their son, known as John the Baptist, would be the forerunner of God’s greatest gift to the world – His Son. Mary was not even married and didn’t expect to have a child yet. She was still a virgin. But God chose to have her give birth to His Son, Jesus, while still a virgin.

Do not limit God by your thinking or actions. Let Him surprise you!

2 – God fulfills His promises.

In the Old Testament, God promised the birth of both of these sons. God also promised the parents that they would have their sons in spite of what all else was happening. God kept all His promises. He always does.

You can take God at His Word. Trust HIs promises. God responds to our faith and rewards our obedience. This is what faith and trust does. He moves at God’s promises in spite of circumstances.

3 – God works out His will according to His perfect timing.

The nation of Israel had been waiting and waiting for God’s deliverer. But Rome had taken over and it felt too late. Zacharias and Elizabeth had waited for a son, but now that they were too old to have children, they felt it was too late. But God had His perfect timing in each of their lives. Even Mary probably felt it was too soon to have a child. She wasn’t married yet. But God did His will in His perfect timing.

We all need to be patient in our journey of faith. Although circumstances may give us a ‘false reading’, God’s timing is always right. In spite of circumstances and the consequences, let God work out His will in your life according to His timing. If it seems God is late, hang on. He is always on time. But if it seems like God is speeding up the process, be ready to move. He will go with you. God’s timing is always right.

4 – Praise and adoration belong to God alone.

In Luke 1, Zacharias, Elizabeth, and Mary all praised God for what He was doing. In answer to prayer and for the salvation of souls, they gave God all the glory. We have some of the most beautiful songs of praise in this chapter. We can adapt them to our own circumstances as we see God use us for His eternal purpose.

Give praise and thanks to God continually for His gracious gift of salvation. It is always amazing to me how simply thinking of the blessings of God in my life will lift me up out of a bad mood. I don’t think you can think of God’s goodness and stay down. Praise will lift your heart and glorify God. Those who believe the Gospel experience the joy of God and want to express praise to Him.