Have you ever been in a situation that seemed impossible? I’m sure you have. But not everything that appears impossible is impossible.

I was reading my 10 year old granddaughter’s riddle book. I want you to read one of the riddles and see if you know the answer:

Two fathers and their two sons go hunting in the woods.They each shoot a rabbit and bring it home. They don’t lose any rabbits but only have three when they arrive. How is that possible?

Seems impossible? Well, here’s the answer: There are only three men — from three generations. A grandfather, his son, and his grandson.

What seemed impossible, was absolutely possible. You just need to know the answer.

That’s exactly what happened to Naaman in the Old Testament (2 Kings 5). Naaman was a Syrian soldier who had leprosy, a disease that was considered impossible to cure. But He didn’t know about God. He did not know that God could cure him. Once he knew about God and what he needed to do, all he had to do was follow God’s instructions and the impossible would become possible. God wants to do the same for you. Remember, nothing is impossible with God.

You may not have an incurable disease, but you may have an impossible situation. Like Naaman, your impossible can be possible.

The impossible is possible if you know what to do.

Naaman didn’t know what to do. But a little unnamed slave girl had the answer – meet the prophet in Israel. Some other unnamed someone one (we don’t even know anything about him either) told the boss what the girl said. It got to the king and he sent a letter and riches and Naaman to the king of Israel. But the king of Israel didn’t know what to do. Then finally, Elisha heard about the impossible situation and invited Naaman for a visit. Finally, Elisha told Naaman what to do. It was a process of broken communications, but the impossible was possible because finally Naaman knew what he must do – dip in the Jordan River seven times.

When you have an illness with no diagnosis, it can be very frustrating. With my daughter, she passed out a lot. She went through tests, medications and activities that helped with the symptoms, but did not treat the illness because we weren’t for sure what it was. Without a diagnosis we couldn’t have a cure. Finally, after 10 years they figured it out and now she is much better. She is not cured but she knows what she has to do to stay healthier.

Your impossible might be impossible because you just don’t know what to do. That’s why it is still impossible. If you knew what to do, you’d do it. That’s a good attitude to have, but it is possible that you are still in that communication mode. It may take awhile for the solution to get to you.

While you are waiting, for your communication, be a communicator. You may not know what you should do yet, but share with others what they should do. If you know someone who is dying in their sins, share with them the solution. They just need to get to Jesus and He will wash away their sins. You don’t have to be a prophet. You might be an unnamed little slave girl. But if you know how to have your sins washed away, tell others.

If you do not know what to do about your sin, let me help you.

#1 – Admit your sin to God

#2 – Believe in Jesus

#3 – Commit your life to Jesus.

The Impossible is possible if you do what you know.

Naaman’s impossible did not become possible just because He knew what to do. Once he was told he needed to dip in the Jordan River seven times, he got angry and walked away. He felt disrespected by the prophet. He could of at least come out and put on a show. It was beneath him. There were better, cleaner rivers in Syria. It was too easy. He was ready to head back home and just live with his impossible situation.

But his servants negotiated with him. If the prophet asked him to do something hard, he would have attempted it. Why not give the easy solution a try?

So knowing what to do, he did it. On the seventh try, he came up with clean skin. He had to trust and obey what he was told.

This is where many people get stuck in life – execution. Sometimes we know what to do – we just don’t do it.

  • What do you need to do to lose weight? eat less, exercise more.
  • What do you need to do to have more money? Spend less, earn more.
  • What do you need to do to have more friends? Be more friendly.

We might think that the solution can’t be that simple. But most solutions are rather simple. We try to complicate things because it makes us feel better about ourselves or gives us an excuse for not accomplishing what we know we should.

In regards to sin, it’s really very simple. Confess your sin and trust in Jesus. Too many people know what to do, they just don’t do it. Today, if you will turn from your sin and turn to Jesus, He will forgive you of all your sin and bring you into His forever family. It is really that simple.

We all are born with a spiritual disease of sin. We try to hide it. We try to act like it’s not as bad as it is. We try to eliminate it but it keeps coming back. It can be embarrassing. It has caused us a lifetime of trouble. And we know that one day we will die from it and need to give explanations to God for our sin.

There is a cure – Jesus. This doesn’t mean that if you turn to Jesus you will never sin again. Like any disease, you will may have scars. But you will be spiritually clean.

I encourage you to pray to admit your sin to God and receive Jesus as your Lord. Turn from your sin and commit your life to Jesus.

If you already have Jesus as Lord and Savior, it’s up to you to tell others the cure. They are waiting. You can help turn their impossible into possible.