One year ago I stumbled across a free Kindle book, “Miracle Morning for Writers.” Since it was free, I thought I would see what it was about. Wow! It has changed my world.

I then ordered the original “Miracle Morning” and read it in less than one week. I then ordered several other “Miracle Morning” editions (Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Relationships). It has now been one year and I can say that my life has taken a dramatic turn toward greater peace and productivity.

Even though the “Miracle Morning” series is not a religious writing, the concept is definitely contained in the Bible. Truth is truth. I was able to easily take the concepts and principles and apply them to my life.

It’s amazing how one step can open up amazing paths in your life. The “Miracle Morning” phenomena has done that for me.

Simply, “Miracle Morning” is a concept to incorporate certain practices in your daily morning ritual. We all have a morning ritual. But author Hal Elrod has highlighted 6 key practices that have prepared me for every day. And when my day begins good, I have found the rest of the day goes good.

In future posts I will talk about these six practices. But today I just want to summarize them. They form an acrostic: SAVERS.

Silence: This is quiet moments to block out all the noise of the world. I have incorporated quiet breathing and prayer. I spend quiet moments with God.

Affirmation: These are encouraging words I tell myself. We all have self-talk. But I use memorized Scripture and personal declaration to overcome fears, achieve my goals, and live out my purpose.

Visualization: I imagine what life will be like when my affirmations are a reality. This isn’t a dream. It is using my imagination to help me feel God’s future blessings.

Exercise: This is simply an early morning regimen to get my body and blood moving. My body’s been asleep for 8 hours (hopefully). It’s time to wake it up!

Reading: I want to get my brain working. For me, this is when I read my Bible. 

Scribe: This is journaling. I have known the benefits of writing down my thoughts. But now that I’ve done it every morning for a year, I can tell you it really helps. I usually summarize what happened the day before and anticipate what the new day will uncover. It makes me more aware of what is happening to me.

Well, there you have “Miracle Morning” in a nutshell. I get up early so I can get my rituals done before the day gets away from me. I try to do it first thing.

In reality, I am not a morning person. Really! But I am now that I have seen all the benefits. I hope you will soon start having a “Miracle Morning.”

On a different note, since I have read Hal Elrod’s book, he has developed cancer and is currently in treatment. Would you pray for him?

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What are your morning rituals?

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