Heaven Rejoices.

It’s Day 3 in Nairobi, Kenya for the S4 Conference with Global Surge.

Today was the Braveheart Evangelistic Camp. Over 1,129 young people attended this outdoor festival. Lots of music and native dancing, karate, magic and the Gospel. There were 744 who trusted Christ as Savior. It was a glorious day. If you don’t like loud music and lots of dancing and lots of people getting saved, you probably would have had a horrible day. But I had a great time.

So, I share my three take-aways from Day 3….

1 – People Getting Saved Never Gets Old.

As I mentioned before, 744 people trusted Jesus as Savior. This has been in the plans for along time. The crew from Gospel Surge Philippines does these types of camps many times through the year in Philippines. They integrated with the Kenyan team to show them how to do it. It was great to see cultures and races melt together to share the Gospel.

It is refreshing to see young people turn to Jesus. Many of these young people have little future in this world. Several of them live in the nearby slums. They may never have all the ‘luxuries’ that those of us in the United States have – but they have Jesus. As the song says, “I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold.” Thanks to so many people who prayed, gave, and traveled to make this event possible.

2 – Nothing Brings More Joy Than Jesus.

One thing that I will remember from this trip more than anything is the enthusiasm of the worship. It is not just an emotional or spiritual experience. These Kenyans can dance to their worship. It reminds me of King David when he danced as they brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem. Some despised the enthusiasm. But I believe God loved it. 

Music can be a divisive topic. We all have our own taste in music styles and not all music is for everyone. Even in church life, people tend tend to think of only a select few of genres appropriate for worship. Yet, the Bible doesn’t mention music style. But Jesus tells us we must worship in spirit and truth. I believe part of a wonderful worship service is enthusiasm. And this week was filled with enthusiastic worship music. It was just fun seeing young people excited about Jesus.  

3 – Facebook Friends Around the World.

Have you noticed the world is getting smaller? Because of the internet and social media we can connect with people from around the world as easy as we can around our neighborhood. I met some great friends and now we are Facebook friends. I am now friends with 3 pastors in Kenya and 5 young people of Global Surge in Philippines. We are going to pray for each other in the coming days.

Facebook can be a waste of time. But it can also be a great connecting tool. Please consider being a friend to a pastor or Christian from another country. You can contact a missionary and I am sure they can connect you to one. It is kind of like the old pen pal friend that you would write to every month or so. But Facebook friends can connect immediately. Pray for your friends and encourage them in the Lord. I am going to try to do this with the new friends I have. Maybe we will see each other on another Gobal Surge event. 

This is the end of the conference. Tomorrow is a down day so I will be doing a little sightseeing. I’m going on a safari and hope I see some wild animals – but not too close.