Sometimes we get stuck in life. Either we try a variety of ways to get unstuck or simply give up and accept mediocrity. Life can be tough.

Tonight I attended a meeting of pastors at Hallmark Baptist Church in Forth Worth. It was the Winter meeting of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International. Michael Haley, pastor of Cross Creek Church in Fountain, Colorado encouraged us to trust God for a break through in our ministry. The same principles will apply to your life. I hope you can take some encouragement.

David had major difficulties as he started his time as Israel’s second king. You can read his story in 2 Samuel 5:1-20. But God gave Him a breakthrough at an area called Baal-perazim. He defeated his enemies and won the victory. God broke through. Baal-perazim means ‘breakthrough.’

How can we have a breakthrough like David? Maybe we can do what David did…

David led (v. 2)

David led even before he was a the ultimate leader. Pain comes before promotion. Be faithful in the phase God has you in now. Like a glow stick – we need to be broken to be really useful and fulfill our purpose.

David remembered (v. 12)

David knew God called him to be king and put him in that position (Psalm 78:70-72). We need to remember God has placed us where we are at. Remember your calling. We can burn-out because we forget who God is. And we need to remember our role as shepherd (Acts 20:28). We are not called to build the church. That is Jesus’ responsibility. We are called to plant and water. We are not called to take ownership.

David prayed (v. 19)

“The more faith you have the more specific your prayers will be.” – Mark Batterson

Prayer releases the burden of the church off us and on the rightful owner.

“Prayer is not to invite, inform, or include God in our plans, but God’s invitation to inform and include us in His purposes.”

David fought (v. 19)

David was not content with prayer. He had to take action and fight the enemy. Each of us have our fights. Don’t compare fights.

“The source of peace and fulfillment in ministry is not conditioned by circumstances. Peace and fulfillment come from a sincere relationship with God and our Lord Jesus Christ who called us.” – Henry Blackaby

Don’t pray unless you are willing to fight.

David praised (v. 20)

David praised God when He broke through. So should we. But we must also praise Him when He doesn’t break through.

I hope you will have a breakthrough in your life soon. Keep leading, remembering, praying, fighting, and praising.