A Christian’s first responsibility – the first priority and number one goal in life before God – is to win souls. That’s the number one character trait of a wise Christian. That’s the Great Commission. That’s the goal for a believer’s life. That’s the ultimate reason for existence. Everything else is secondary.

Have you ever wondered why God put certain people into your life? Have you ever marveled at the friends you have from points across America – people whom you would never have had the opportunity to meet? Have you ever wondered why God gave you the people you have in your family? Have you ever stopped to think about your colleagues on the job? Have you ever wondered about ‘chance meetings’ or people you encounter only briefly in waiting rooms or standing in line? Could all this be so you might tell them about Jesus?

God has no other mouthpiece but your moth at the precise times and places as you journey through your life. God holds no one but you responsible for the people with whom you come into contact on a daily basis.

Let me share with you five reasons why you should win souls.

1 – You are commanded to win souls.

The number one reason Christians are responsible for winning soils is that the Lord has commanded it. The final words of Jesus are these: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” (Matthew 28:18-20). You cannot be an obedient Christian and not attempt to win people to Jesus.

2 – You are empowered to win souls.

The second reason Christians are responsible for winning souls is because they have power to do it. Jesus told His disciples that after He departed from them, they were to stay in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit was given to them. He said, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be witnesses…” (Acts 1:8). Every Christian has the Holy Spirit residing with them to give them power to be an effective witness for Jesus. 

3 – You are fulfilled by winning souls.

The third reason Christians are to win souls is that winning souls is the means to experience true fulfillment in life. There is no greater joy and no greater fulfillment of a Christian’s purpose than by winning souls.

4 – Your compassion is enlarged when you win souls.

The fourth reason a Christian needs to win souls is to increase love and compassion. When a believer starts opening his mouth to tell others about Jesus and about what He has done and what He wants to do, more love will be felt and more love will flow out than ever before. 

5 – People are dying and going to Hell.

The fifth reason and most solemn reason a Christian must win souls is because people are dying without Christ and going to Hell. It is good to occasionally stop and contemplate the finality of death. At death, what’s done in life is done. There is no second chance. Death marks the end of life on earth. But it is not the end of existence. An eternity in Hell awaits those who do not turn to Jesus for salvation.

Why am I sharing with you these 5 reasons for Christians to win souls?

Because I believe that every day of your life you come to a crossroads moment. Will you do something that will lead someone closer to trusting Jesus as Savior or will you just let it pass you by? It may mean making a phone call. It may mean going to visit someone or making arrangements to meet them. But I guarantee you – if you follow through on what the Holy Spirit prompts you to do to help people come to Jesus, you will be blessed more than you can ever imagine.

You may not feel as if you accomplish much. But you are. You may simply be helping people take one step closer to Jesus. Watch for those moments. Make a decision to do something related to winning souls today. See what God will do.