ben-white-128604I have always loved to read. I think it started for me when my mom read to us at night. She was a school teacher. Then one Christmas my grandmother, who was a school librarian, gave me about 12 paperback books from Scholastic books. I read every one several times. I remember one of them, Mr. Popper’s Penguins. I have been a reader ever since.

I grew up when television was taking over the minds of children. My favorites were Brady Bunch, Partridge Family and Superman. Today, with computers, tablets, cable TV, and many other screens, reading a good book has taken a back seat to how we get our information and use our time. But reading every day is important.

Reading is still the best way to gain knowledge, ideas, and strategies to stretch and exercise your mind. Reading takes you on adventures while still in the safety and comfort of your bedroom or recliner. Since there are so many books on many topics, you can learn from others just by reading what they wrote. 

10 Reasons to Read

  1. Reading expands your language skills.
  2. Reading improves concentration.
  3. Reading improves memory.
  4. Reading exposes you to different people, places and concepts.
  5. Reading improves imagination.
  6. Reading is entertaining.
  7. Reading is valuable to find and excellent in your job.
  8. Reading makes you more interesting.
  9. Reading reduces stress.
  10. Reading prepares you for professional success and personal happiness.

I could have listed more reasons to read. These are just some of mine. If you know others, let me know. I hope you will be encouraged to be a reader.

aaron-burden-282699Reading Ideas

1 – Read your Bible. The Bible is the the world’s most famous book. It covers a lot of material and many places can be difficult to understand. But it is the only writing inspired by God and you will be blessed just by reading it. Find a schedule that helps you read it through every year. I like using the Youversion Bible app. 

2 – Read on your Kindle. You will be amazed how many books you will read on your Kindle (My favorite is Paperwhite). I know some people don’t like to read on an electric reader, but I love it. Most of the books I read are on my kindle. Many of them are free. I bought my first Kindle reader in 2009. Prior to 2009 I read an average of 22 books a year. Since 2009, I have read an average of 50 books each year. I am on pace to read 60 books this year. I think the reason I read so much is because it is so convenient to carry a small Kindle reader. I don’t need to carry books. I just put it in my pocket and pull it out when I’m in line somewhere. 

3 – Read To Learn and Remember. One of the problems I have with reading is I often forget what I read. So I mark up the book. Even in Kindle you can make notes and underline. After I’ve read the book, I can glance through and summarize what I’ve read. That’s how I started blogging. I would share what I read with others. Not only does underlining help you remember, but so does sharing what you’ve learned with someone else. Maybe join a book club or connect with a book site like Goodreads

4 – Read from the Experts. I have to learned to be a better Christian from Warren Wiersbe, a leader from John Maxwell, a pastor from Rick Warren, a teacher from Andy Stanley, and a husband and father from Charles Swindoll. That’s just this year. I have about the life of George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln,  Steve Martin, and even Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady). When you read, you can learn anything. So read a variety of books. I have recently loved reading books about leadership and personal development. That’s how I got into the Morning Miracle. It has opened up a whole new world of reading and learning for me. Whatever your curiosity, you can find something to learn from experts and those who know.

5 – Read in the morning. Use your early morning to take time to read. For me, this is when I read my Bible. It helps me get my day started right. Regardless, I hope you will exercise your mind and read more. If you can read 10 pages a day, about 15-30 minutes of reading, you will read 3,650 pages a year. That is eighteen 200-page books. Think how much more you will know and learn by reading a little every morning. If you read 10 pages of the Bible a day, you will read the Bible through in 3 months. I have done this for the past 10 years. I have read the Bible 55 times since 2006. It seems like a lot. But it only takes me about 30 minutes every morning. Try it.

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