What are you hungry for?

Since many restaurants have closed during our COVID-19 quarantine and all are carry-out only, I have been hungering to sit down in a nice restaurant and order a tasty meal. My favorite restaurants in Adrian are Culver’s, Chipotle, Hoagie Man and Alpha Coney Island. I also like Salsarita’s in Tecumseh. I can’t wait to go back. What are your favorite restaurants?

I don’t know about you but when I’m hungry, I want to eat. When I’m thirsty, I want something to drink. But did you realize there is also a spiritual hunger and thirst in every person.

The heart cannot be satisfied with things of this earth, like people, things, or ideas. We were created for more. Our deepest needs and desires can be met only by a fellowship with God Himself. St. Augustine said, “Thou has made us for Thyself and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in Thee.” Man hungers after God.

Do you have a spiritual hunger that just won’t go away, a spiritual thirst that you just can’t quench? Could it be that you need to receive the Bread of Life, you need to drink the Water of Everlasting Life? You need Jesus to satisfy that hunger. You need Jesus to quench that thirst.

Only Jesus satisfies your soul.

A spiritual hunger and thirst for righteousness is actually the true test of a genuine Christian experience. Even after beginning a fellowship with God through Jesus Christ, a true Christian still hungers after God and living a righteous life. 

Do you hunger after God? Is the desire of your life to have a right relationship with God? If so, you are truly blessed because you will be filled.

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:6)

How does this apply to your family? What are some principles to help your family live in the blessing of a hunger and thirst for righteousness?

Nurture a hunger and thirst for God.

We do not naturally hunger and thirst for the right things do we.? Good food and good drink do not always taste good. We must acquire a taste for many of them. Just as you would never allow your children to eat candy and drink sodas all the time, you must make sure that you are serving your family a healthy, balanced spiritual diet of food for the soul – soul food – the Word of God.

It will not be easy and it won’t always be accepted. But if you are going to nurture a hunger and thirst for God in your family, you need to make sure you teach your children why it is important to feed the soul the Word of God. It is surprising to me that a family would never allow their children to choose whatever they want to eat for a meal, but will allow them to choose whether to attend a church service where they will hear the Word of God. Teach by example the importance of feeding the soul. You will begin to acquire a taste for it.

Do the right thing.

To seek righteousness means a desire to do the right thing. As a family, it should be the goal of our life to always do the right thing. That should be obvious to all of us who serve a righteous God. However, many Christian families struggle with doing right. And as others watch, including our own children and grandchildren, they will determine the value in doing the right thing by the importance we place on it. Do we obey the rules? Do we try to cut corners? Do we try to hide our actions from others (police, neighbors, etc), but noticed by our family? Do we lie to get out of work or trouble? Do we hunger and thirst for righteousness?

A story is told of a father with a couple of boys who found a dog. They fell in love with that dog. But they noticed an ad in the paper about a lost dog that fit the description. They called the phone number and the man described their dog, including some gray hairs on his back. They set up a time to meet, but before the man came by to pick up his dog, the father pulled those gray hairs out of the dog. As the man arrived and looked at his dog, he noticed the gray hairs were missing. So thinking it wasn’t his dog, he left without the dog. The dad and boys thought it was a great trick on the man. They kept the dog, but the man lost his boys.

Seek God’s priorities.

Every day we have choices to make. Those decisions will set the course of the rest of our life. If we choose God’s ways, we will go God’s ways and be blessed. If we choose our ways, we will go every other way but the right way and life will be difficult.

We often don’t see the consequences of one little small act of disobedience. Much like eating or drinking, eating one sugar-coated snack won’t mess you up too bad. But if we aren’t careful, one snack will turn into two and more. I remember when a man in our church was in the hospital waiting for open-heart surgery the following day. He told the doctor he was going to eat a big pizza for dinner that night, thinking the doctor would frown. But the doctor said, “It wasn’t one pizza that got you to this place… it was a whole lot of pizzas, but it did start with one.” Be careful of those small temptations that pull you away from God.

Do you hunger for a closer relationship with God? Your hunger will keep you close. Most Christian don’t get out of fellowship with God in one big act of sin or rebellion. They slowly drift away until they are far from God. It begins with a gradual slide because they have lost their spiritual hunger for righteousness. Stay hungry and thirsty for God and righteous living. You will be blessed and filled.