One of the greatest, if not the greatest, tightrope walkers in the World was a man named Charles Blondin. He would scale a tall pole over Niagra Falls and from a small platform he would walk out on a steel cable that stretched across the falls. Well, you can imagine that this always drew a pretty good crowd of people. As he was walking the tightrope he would do different tricks for the crowd. He would jump up and down. He would do somersaults and headstands. Once he supposedly stopped halfway across the falls to cook and eat an omelet on the tightrope. The crowd would “ooh” and “ah” and cheer wildly every time he completed one of these tricks. The he would return to the platform where he started from and he would address the crowd and sign autographs.

One day when he returned to the platform he did something he’d never done before. When he addressed the crowd he asked them “Did you like my performance?” Of course, everybody cheered. He asked “Do you think I could do it again?” Everybody cheered louder. “Do you think I could do it with someone on my shoulders?” The crowd went absolutely wild! So he asked, “Who would like to be the first volunteer?” You could have heard a pin drop.

Finally one man stepped out of the crowd. It was Blondin’s manager. He climbed to the top of the pole and he got up on Blondin’s shoulders. He did everything Blondin told him to do and inch by inch they crossed Niagra falls on that tiny 1 inch thick cable. When they got there, the crowd went absolutely nuts.

Everybody said, “You can do it!”, but there was only one man who truly believed and it was that man who stepped out of the crowd and put his life in Blondin’s hands.

A Modern Day Charles Blondin – Nik Wallenda (a true man of faith)

Faith is more than just a belief in your mind. It is a conviction in your heart that causes you to take action.

Do you have faith in God?

What has your faith led you to do for God?