I just finished reading the newest book by comedian Steve Harvey, JUMP. What a book. Very encouraging and inspirational. Throughout the book, Steve encourages his readers to take a ‘leap of faith.’ Too many are afraid to take advantage of an opportunity. Rather than jump into the opportunity, they stay and live in mediocrity. 

It’s a great book. Easy to read and lots of great stories. Some of the behind the scenes of the mishap during Miss Universe contest (2015). But knowing that some just want the highlights, let me share with my favorite quotes from his book. I hope his words encourage you to ‘JUMP.’

Steve Harvey & Jumping

Jumping is taking a risk, a leap of faith toward your dreams. Jumping is making a major career move. Jumping is rectifying an issue in your personal relationships. Jumping is embracing the ambition that God has put in your imagination, and you making a commitment to manifest it in your life.

Steve Harvey & Faith

Faith kept me on course. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. It’s not faith at first. Faith is built around the substance of things hoped for. I just hoped I’d get on television; I didn’t have faith I was going to get there—I was just hoping. Then, as opportunities got closer, my hope turned into faith.

“Faith without works is dead. What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?” —JAMES 2:14. In other words, your dreams aren’t free. You can dream all day long, but if you don’t put in the work, your dreams will never become a reality. You can dream all you want, but if you are not willing to put in the work, you’re dreaming in vain. The only way you’ll know if your dream is worth pursuing is if you get up and do the work. Your dreams are attainable; God is just waiting for you to do your part. You have to be committed to dedicating your life to something bigger than yourself, pass the tests that will come along the way, and stay the course through the end. If you quit, there’s no way you will know what God has in store for you.

Steve Harvey & God’s Plan for Your Life

Whatever is in your imagination, God put it there for a reason. The way that you can achieve your vision is to jump.

Remember that God’s plan is always greater than your plan for yourself.

Steve Harvey & Fear

I embrace fear, because for me it is an indicator that God is calling me to do something bigger. In other words, my faith calms my fears. I have no fears greater than my dreams. Acknowledge your fear and move forward. Fear is there to let you know that what you are taking on is worth your risking your current lifestyle.

Steve Harvey & Failure

When life knocks you down, don’t see it as failing. It’s added experience that you now have under your belt. The more experiences you have, the more life currency you earn, which you can use to go out and tackle bigger opportunities with bigger risks for a rewarding outcome. Invaluable experience comes with a price. There are no scholarships in life. There are no rewards in life for just showing up. You pay for it. The bigger the failure, the bigger the cost is. You bought it. It’s yours; now you can learn from it.

Don’t make your past mistakes larger by focusing all your attention on them and neglecting to concentrate on your future successes. God has already gotten you through the mistake, so don’t keep it in front of you. Life is too short to spin your wheels regretting the choices you’ve already made. It happened. It’s over. Let it be done.

The windshield on your car is big. The rearview mirror is small. There is a reason for that, because you can’t drive your car forward looking in the rearview mirror. You will crash! Use your windshield for your big dreams, for the vision of your life moving forward.

Steve Harvey & Friends

When you get into trouble, you will not have to seek out your real true friends. They will come down and get in that hole with you.

Steve Harvey & Your JUMP

When it comes time to make a necessary jump, you will rarely be completely ready for it. It’s part of the challenge. You have to trust in God and in yourself. We like to know what’s going to happen before we take a jump, but that’s not how the world works. You can’t know the results until you take the action. I put it all in God’s hands and jumped.

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