During Thanksgiving afternoon, a grandpa and his teenage grandson were watching the Detroit Lions football game.  Grandpa noticed his grandson was consumed with messing with his new cell phone.  “Why don’t you get off that thing and spend a little time in the real world!”  he scolded him.

“Grandpa, this is my new smart phone.  It has everything!  Anything you want to know, you can find it here!” said his grandson.

“Well, when I was in school we kept all our ‘smarts’ in our head.  We didn’t need a little machine to think for us.  We were smart all by ourselves,”  argued the 80 year old.

“But this is really smart.  I can prove it!  I will make a bet that this phone is smarter than you are.  I’ll ask you a question and if you don’t know the answer, you have to give me $1.  Then you can ask me a question, and if I can’t figure it out on my smart phone I’ll give you $20!  How does that sound?” challenged the confident teen.

“Okay. It’s worth $1 to test the smart phone.”

The boy started the test. “Grandpa, what is the population of China?”

After just a few minutes, the grandfather said, “Well, you’ve got me on that one. I have no idea how many people live in China.  Here’s a dollar.” And he gave him his first dollar.

So the boy continued the debate, “Okay grandpa. You have to ask me a question and I’ll show you how smart this is.”

“Well, let’s see. What goes uphill on 3 legs, but goes downhill on 4 legs?” asked the grandpa.

“Just give me a minute.”  The boy began his search. He googled. He tweeted. He chatted. He emailed. He searched. For 20 minutes he looked everywhere on the web for the answer, but he couldn’t find anything that came close.  Finally, after half an hour, he reluctantly exclaimed, “Okay grandpa.  I can’t find the answer. You win.”

“So give me my $20 dollars” grandpa said. And the boy reluctantly complied.

After a few minutes, the young teen quietly asked his grandpa, “Tell me… what is it that goes uphill on 3 legs, but goes down hill on 4 legs?”

For  few minutes grandpa just looked at him.  Finally, grandpa reached in his pocket and pulled out $1.  “I don’t know.”