Daylight Savings Time is about over!

This weekend we get to move our clocks backward. It’s the end of Daylight Savings Time. 

Many people just wish we would have one time all year around. I may be in the minority, but I still like having daylight a little longer in the evening during the summer. But I do hate the adjustments I have to make twice a year. Several clocks still need to be manually changed – car clock, programmable thermostat, microwave and oven. It can be a pain.

I also like in the Fall we move the clock backward rather than forward. In the Spring, I end up losing an hour through the night. For church goers, it inevitably means people will miss church. I’m not sure if they really forget to move their clocks or just use it as an excuse to miss. But it is usually one of our lowest attended services in the year. And it takes a couple of weeks before my body adjusts to the new time. I’m sleep all day.

This Saturday you will gain the use of one hour. What will you do with that hour?

I think many people will finally get an extra hour of sleep. If you have young children, that’s not going to happen. Their inner clock will still go off at the old time. But for many we can get much needed rest.

Some people will stay up an hour longer and watch late night shows, or go out to dinner, or play some games around the house. I’ve had times when I actually stayed up later and instead of getting an extra hour of sleep I ended up with an hour less sleep. But that was my fault.

For the last couple of years, I’ve tried to do something to make “Fall Back” more productive in my life. Maybe it is something you could try.

I try to get up earlier. Yes, I actually get out of bed and start my day earlier. My body is used to it, so I use that to my advantage and get up earlier.

Early risers tend to be more productive with the rest of their day. Before you argue with me, I need to admit that I am not a natural early riser. I have always liked to stay up late and sleep in. But a few years ago I got tired of feeling like I was always behind and not getting important things done. So I instead of laying in bed until the last minute, I started getting out of bed before I needed to. 

My routine used to be that Judy would set the alarm for 6:00 a.m. and get out of bed and start the shower to get ready for her day. For me, I would just stay in bed until she was done and get a few minutes more sleep. But I started to get out of bed at 6:00 with her and went into my living room and started doing some devotional reading. I discovered that by just getting up a few minutes early, I was able to get some important tasks complete that set me up for success the rest of the day. I could spend some time reading my Bible with quiet prayer. I have some other morning rituals I do, but I am now an advocate of early morning.

So, back to your extra hour this weekend. What are you going to do with it?

Since your body is already used to getting up at a certain hour, why not take advantage of it? I’m not suggesting you get up an hour early. Why not try 30 minutes early? You will still get half-an-hour extra sleep, and you will begin to start your day 30 minutes early. If you’re not ready for 30 minutes, try 15.

What will you do with those minutes? You can meditate and pray. You can read. You do a little exercise to get your heart rate up. For some suggestions, read the book “Morning Miracle”. You can also read some of my morning rituals here:

Whatever you decide to do with your extra hour this weekend, I hope you won’t miss church. I can still remember a guy in Iowa who got mixed up. Instead of moving his clock one hour forward in the Spring, he moved it one hour backward. He showed up to church 2 hours late. He thought he was arriving for Sunday School but he arrived after worship service was finished. That would be embarrassing!

So make sure you move your clock backward this weekend. Otherwise, if you move it forward you can help me unlock the doors and start the coffee.