Summer is a great time to do something different… visit a new vacation spot, start a healthy habit, learn something new.  

This summer (2018) I have challenged myself to become a better pray-er. In order to do that, I am going to read three books and get together with a group of men to discuss what I’ve learned in the reading, memorize some Bible verses, make some personal applications, and hold one another accountable. 

I want to keep it small – 8 men. If you are interested, please fill out the application that is linked below. I will let you know by the beginning of June (2018) if you are part of my RADICAL MENTORING SUMMER DISCIPLESHIP GROUP. This is an experiment of mine in discipleship/mentoring. If all goes well, I will continue this type of mentoring. Expectations and details are included on the application. Application deadline is May 31.

Some have asked me to name the books we will be reading. There are many good books on prayer. However, I have tried to choose three books that have great practical & Biblical content, do not repeat the same material and are short enough to read in one month for the average guy. The three books this summer are: Too Busy Not To Prayer (by Bill Hybels), How To Pray (by R.A. Torrey), and The Hour That Changes The World (by Dick Eastman).

Radical Mentoring Application