When I was in High School, a song by Jim Croce was very popular: Time in a Bottle.  I found a video clip of Jim & his young son on YouTube (see below).  Tragically, Jim died in a plane crash soon after the video was made.  Sadly, we cannot save time in a bottle.

A few weeks ago I had a post that highlighted the importance of time (See  Spend Time or Invest Time).  I want to continue with the thought of time…


1. The giving of a moment of time to a friend is a greater gift than Heaven can give.

If I spend a moment with you in Heaven, it will not be subtracted from time, for there is no time there.  In Heaven I will not be giving you m life, for life is eternal there.  Time is an earthly gift that I may give you that I cannot give you in Heaven, for to spend a moment there is not a sacrifice.  Never take lightly the time you give to me and may you never take lightly the time I give to you.

2. Time is a gift God cannot give.  God gives us many wonderful gifts. 

Time is one thing that God cannot give you.  God has no time.  He does not give up any of His life to fellowship with you.  To be sure, he gave His life on the cross to save you; but since God will never die, the time He gives to you and the moments you share with Him do not subtract anything from His life.  In other words, He loses no life to fellowship with you.  However, when I fellowship with you, I lose my life.  When you fellowship with me, you are giving of your life.  Time is a gift we can share that even God cannot give.

3. For me to give to you a moment of time is an honor that God cannot give you. 

When we share a moment alone, we take that moment from everyone else and give it to each other.  god, however, is omnipresent.  For Him to fellowship with you does not mean that He must forfeit fellowship with all others.  Hence, when you give me a few moments of time, I must pause to realize that you are honoring me above all of the people of the earth for that moment.

Therefore, to give you my time is the greatest gift that I can give.  Since it can be given only to you and only to one person at a time and can never be given again, please accept the moment that I give as my supreme gift, and as an expression of my love to you and my interest in you.  Every event of life uses up a little more of the most precious commodity that I have on earth – my life.  The event may seem trivial and the occasion may seem small, but the price that I am paying is the greatest price I have to pay.  Hence, do not measure an occasion by its greatness or bigness, but by the price paid for it – LIFE.

See also Spend Time or Invest Time.