sickHave you ever been sick of being sick?

A couple of years ago I hurt my back. I was in bed for nearly a week and in pain for even longer. After a few days, I was sick of lying around but unable to get out of bed. I was sick of it.

Long term sickness will leave you empty not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, and financially. We go to the doctor but it seems we’re not getting better fast enough. It even seems like we’re getting worse. Doctor to doctor and nothing gets better. It can leave you tired and troubled, discouraged and desperate, broken and broke.

If you are going through a sickness right now, you might be going through some real emotions…

  • Denial – “This cannot be happening to me.”
  • Anger – “Why me, Lord?”
  • Depression – “There’s no hope.”
  • Bargaining – “Lord, heal me and I’ll do whatever You say.”
  • Acceptance – “May God’s will be done.”

These emotions are not experienced and then forgotten. They return again and again as long as the sickness lasts. They are not abnormal but are characteristic as we walk through the “valley of the shadow.”

And sickness just doesn’t affect the sick person. The family also begins to feel like they are running on empty. Care-takers often feel like they are running on empty.

cropped-touchhem1We find a woman in the Bible whose sickness has left her completely empty. Her story is in Luke 8:43-48 and I found four lessons.

Her Condition:

This lady had chronic bleeding for 12 years. It was a hidden need. She looked fine from the outside, but she was very sick. It also affected her spiritually. According to Jewish custom, she was  unclean and could not enter the Temple or around people. She had spent all her money and had no answers. So she decided to go to see Jesus.

When you’re at the end of your rope, you’ll find the hem of His garment.

Her Approach:

She came up from behind Jesus to touch His clothes. She wanted to be hidden and her condition secret. She thought that if she touched the border of Jesus’ garment, she might be healed. Her faith was very weak. But she came anyway. She approached Jesus.

She could have had several excuses. The crowd was too big. Nothing else had worked so why this? Too big a crowd. It’s not right to come to Jesus as a last resort. She wasn’t an important person. But she still came to Jesus to be healed.

Faith is the choice to trust Jesus even when the outcome is uncertain. Trusting God completely means faith that He knows what’s best for you life.

Jesus responds:

As soon as she touched His clothes, she had instant and complete healing. When Jesus wondered who touched Him, the disciples were oblivious to what was going on. But Jesus knew the touch of need, the touch of one person.

Jesus would not let her get away without a public testimony. She was not hidden. God knew. So she came fearful, knelt to worship, confessed to the miracle and praised Jesus for what He did for her. 

One touch of Jesus is worth a lifetime of struggling.

Jesus Leaves:

Jesus went on His way. But before He left her, He gave her comfort and peace. Her simple faith had been the opportunity for Jesus to make her whole.

God loves you as if you were the only one to love.

There was a big crowd that day. But only one woman received a miracle. You can be part of the crowd and never get any blessing from being near Jesus! It is one thing to ‘press Him’ and another thing to ‘touch Him’ by faith.

You may not have strong faith, but you have a strong Savior, and He responds even to a touch at the hem of His garment.

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