Has your life become too busy?  Mine sure feels like it. I often find myself with more on my ‘to do’ list than ever. Time sure flies!

In all of life, our most precious commodity is time.  It is a gift from God.  Time is life, and when we waste it, we waste life.  Time can never be retrieved or replaced and it is always spent.  God holds us accountable for our time – for every minute of every day.

The greatest gift that I can give anyone is my time.  Actually, the only gift that I can give is my time.  If I give you money, I give you the time it took me to earn that money.  If I give you a gift, I give you the time it took me to earn the money with which I bought the gift.  Time is probably the greatest gift for several reasons:

1. When I give you my time, I am giving you my life, for time is life.  If one takes the life of another, actually he takes only time from him.

2. If I spend some time with you, I am giving you a gift that can be given only to YOU!  The moment that I give to you I will never have again.  Once it is given, it can never be given to another.  Such a realization should cause us to appreciate moments spent with friends, for a moment given to me by a friend is not only his giving to me of his life, but also something which he can give to no other person and which he can never be given again.

3. For you to give me a moment, or for me to give you a moment, is to exchange the only moment that we actually know we have.  We are only promised the present.  When we share the present with each other, we are giving to each other the only moment that we have for sure.  There may never be another.

I have a few more principles I’ll share with you later.  But for now I hope you will consider how you will spend the time God has given you.  Will you spend it doing something that has little value and will not last very long?  Or will you spend it doing something important and eternal?  I do not think there is anything more valuable and long-lasting than things done for Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

Every moment of life uses up a little more of the most precious commodity that I have on earth – my life.  The event may seem trivial and the occasion may seem small, but the price that I am paying is the greatest price that I have to pay.  Hence, do not measure an occasion by its greatness or bigness, but by the price you pay for it – your life.

So, thank you for taking the time to read this article!