I’m  a BIG Superman fan.  So when I found the book, “The Gospel According to the World’s Greatest Superhero” by Stephen Skelton in our local Christian bookstore’s clearance bin, I couldn’t resist. This was an interesting book but it probably wouldn’t interest anyone but a Christian Superman fan.  But it does show a few of the similarities between Superman and Jesus Christ…

– Superman (Kal-El) and his father (Jor-El) share the last Kryptonian name of El – the Hebrew name for God.  Thus in the Superman story, when “El” the father sends “El” the son down to Earth, “God” the father sends “God” the son down to Earth.

– Superman’s earthly parents, Martha and Jonathan, were modeled after the biblical parents Mary and Joseph – and Mary and Joseph were the original names of the earthly parents.

– Superman’s enemy is a villain called Lex Luthor, a name suspiciously like Lucifer.  Both figures are fueled by the same all-consuming, all-corrupting hunger for power and glory.

– Unless you are a Superman fan you may not realize that a few years ago Superman died in the comic book.  He then came back from the dead.  A recent Superman movie was called “Superman Returns.”  Thus, Superman models the chronology of Jesus: He came to Earth, died to save the earth, came back to life, and returns.  I can’t wait until I am able to see “Superman: Man of Steel.”

My favorite Superman was George Reeves and the Superman TV show of the 60s. I have the DVDs. Every episode reminds us that Superman stands for “truth, justice, and the American way.”  So does Jesus…

1. Truth

Superman seeks to do everything with truth and integrity. Ultimate truth comes from the Word of God—the Bible. If you are seeking to live a truthful life, you must begin with truth. The Bible is truth. There is no, “what is true for me may not be true for you.” The Bible is true, and every bit of it applies to your life. But in order for us to understand the gospel, we must start with the truth of the gospel. We must understand that the Bible not only contains the truth but is the truth. And it is from the Bible that we base our faith. We believe in Christ, but even our understanding is drawn from the scriptures. So as we look at the “Gospel According to Superman”, we first see that the Bible is truth.

2. Justice

Justice is what makes Superman a Superhero. He goes after the bad guys and makes them pay. He protects the innocent and hears their cries.  Jesus is just. He will judge the guilty and guard the innocent. The Bible says “all have sinned” and God will judge every sin. It’s not just the bad guys, it’s all of us – because we’re all bad.  Sin against an eternal God will demand an eternal punishment. Without God’s mercy, no one has any hope.

3. The American Way – Freedom

America is the ‘land of the free.’  Superman sought to deliver and free people from their enemies. Jesus desires to set us free from our sin. He died on the cross the pay sin’s penalty. Now, whoever will trust Jesus as Lord and Savior will be free of the penalty of sin.

So the ‘Gospel of Superman’ is similar to the ‘Gospel of Jesus.’ You have to have to have the truth of God’s Word, understand the justice of God against sin, and receive the freedom (American way) that comes through Jesus Christ.

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