The word ‘honeymoon’ has come to mean the newness of love. The word ‘honeymoon’ actually implies that the first moon or fist month is the sweetest. However, God intended marriage to increase in romance. If there ever was a marriage ‘made in heaven’, Adam and Eve had it it. It was perfectly planned and perfectly formed by a perfect Father. It was a perfect marriage.

The Perfect Marriage is God’s Ultimate Goal and Desire.

God ‘sculpted’ a perfect man and ‘built’ a perfect woman for a perfect marriage.

The Hebrew word (yatser) for how God “formed” Adam is also used to describe a potter molding pottery. God ‘sculpted’ Adam. However, a different Hebrew word (banah)is used to describe how God “made” Eve. It is also used for making palaces and temples. Men and women were created different. They are designed to complement one another to form a perfect fit.

Adam recognized the similarities, yet noticed Eve’s differences. He called her ‘woman’, which means ‘female man’. She was the same, but different. Without any revelation from God Adam realized she was his complement. He needed her, she felt needed.

God still brings people together into a family to complement one another. If you are married, God designed your spouse to help you to become what He wants you to be. He wants to create a ‘perfect’ family.

A perfect home is one of harmony and transparency.

God provided a perfect home. The Garden of Eden was a ‘delight’ to cultivate no thorns or weeds. They worked side by side in open communication

There was a line of authority (1 Tim. 2:13; 1 Cor. 11:9). She was his helper and shared all of life with him. They shared the responsibility. He never resented her advise. She never resented his leadership. There was nothing between them – not even clothes. This was Paradise. Don’t you wish you could have experienced such a marriage?

The Perfect Marriage is Attacked by Satan.

Satan attacks the home by attacking God’s Word.

Satan questioned God’s Word, denied God’s Word, ridiculed and distorted God’s Word. Satan still attacks God’s Word.

Eve was tempted by Satan to take the fruit on the forbidden tree. She had everything but one thing – the fruit. Like in the Garden of Eden, greed, covetousness, and selfishness often spoil a relationship. It is actually idolatry – putting anything before God.

Eve faced the same the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11) and those mentioned in 1 John 2:16. Notice…

  1. Eve: Good for Food; Jesus: Stones to Bread; 1 John 2:16: Lust of the flesh
  2. Eve: Pleasing to Eye; Jesus: All Kingdoms; 1 John 2:16: Lust of eyes
  3. Eve: Make you wise; Jesus: Spectacular rescue; 1 John 2:16: Pride of life

Never trade temporary pleasure for permanent regret.

Eve was tempted first. She was deceived. Then she ‘gave to her husband’. This implies that Adam was there. Adam was not deceived and knew fully what his decision implied. His love for his wife overshadowed his love for God. This emphasizes the influence of a woman over a man. She can use that influence for good or bad.

The Result

Inward Results of the Fall

  • Their spirit died.
  • The human race became a dying race.
  • They became ashamed. Fig leaves are not suitable covering for sin. Blood was the covering for sin (Lev. 17:11). Nakedness is a symbol of the evidence of sin.

Outward Results of the Fall

  • They had a  confrontation with God. They refused responsibility for their own actions. People blame others for their own faults.
  • Eve would have pain in childbirth. Her desire would be to her husband (want his time, attention, etc.). The order of authority was strengthened to ‘rule’ over her.
  • Adam’s cultivation of the ground would now be a chore. His anxiety to provide for needs would bring conflict, tension, and strife.
  • Satan would be ultimately be judged (Gen. 3:15). He would inflict a temporary wound (death of Jesus on the cross), but one day the ‘seed of the woman’ would inflict a mortal wound (Satan in Hell).

We can have what was lost in the Garden through Christ. Husbands can possess loving leadership in the home. Wives can willingly submit. The honeymoon can start again. The answer is:

  • Receive Christ as Savior
  • Submit our will to Christ.