Life is all about transitions. Life is always changing. Even in ministry, transitions are constant. Most transitions are unavoidable. Some are unmanageable. A few are undetectable. Others are unalterable. Transitions often lead to trouble.

“In the midst of transition is the greatest spiritual battle.” – Mac Brunson

Mac Brunson spoke to my Coaching Network at the 2017 BBFI meeting in Springfield, Missouri. Mac knows a little about transitions. He was pastor at First Baptist in Dallas, Texas while W.A. Criswell was still attending. He then followed Jerry Vines at First Baptist in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Mac chose to use Joshua as an illustration of transition. Joshua fought in 31 battles after he replaced Moses as the leader of the Jews. Transition and battles go together.

Why did God choose Joshua? Maybe the first mention of him in Exodus 17:9 give us a hint. Joshua obeyed Moses’ command. Joshua was obedient. Joshua 11:15 tells us, “As the LORD commanded his servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did it; he left nothing undone of all that the LORD commanded Moses.”

“You’ll only make it through transitions and spiritual battles through obedience.” – Mac Brunson

Obedience enables you to….

1 – Obedience enables you to face your fears. 

Nine times in 15 verses of Joshua 1 you hear about Moses. It wasn’t the giants in front of him, but the giant (Moses) behind him that Joshua feared.

We often struggle with our own inadequacies. We try to overcompensate for what we are not. 

“God did not cal us to be adequate. God called us to be obedient. God will take care of adequacy.” – Mac Brunson.

2 – Obedience enables you to face your facts.

There are going to be problems (Joshua 1:3). Joshua had problems, but he was faithful to the task. We sometimes think that if there are any oppositions, God must not be in it. But God promised to give Joshua the land as he went. But he had to go.

Wait on God’s timing (Joshua 1:10-11). God would give them the land little by little (Deuteronomy 7:22). Sometimes it is hard to get an understanding of God’s timing. You only get a sense of God’s timing when you spend time with God.

“If I don’t have a sense of God’s timing, I don’t do anything” – Mac Brunson

The nation needed to obey together (Joshua 1:12-15). Though a few tribes wanted to stay out of the Promised Land, they would need to go in together. Jealousy and competition often divide us. But God wants us to be unified.

3 – Obedience enables you to follow (Joshua 1:8-10).

God would make them bless them greatly if they obeyed His Word completely:

  • verbally (God’s Word in their mouth)
  • mentally (meditate on God’s Word)
  • practically (be careful to do all)

Satan will often mess with our mind. He will get us to think our enemy and our problems are bigger than they are. He magnifies the opposition. We think the enemy is big. But God is always bigger. Obey God and everything will be okay. 

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