Wow, what a week!  Snow has been on everybody’s mind and speech.  Many schools and churches canceling everything.  Though I hope we get back to ‘normal’ soon, I thought I would share a positive side of snow.  Job tells us there are ‘treasures of the snow’ (Job 28:22).  There are lessons God would have us learn from the snow.

Snow is a treasure because of its provider.

Psalm 148:8 tells us ‘fire, and hail; snow, and vapor; stormy wind fulfilling his word.’  God ‘treasures’ up the snow and dispenses it at His choosing.  Snowflakes are actually born in clouds containing moisture.  Conditions must be just right for this to take place.  Tiny snow crystals form and get heavier until they begin to fall to the ground.  God controls the conditions in the atmosphere, the clouds that store the moisture, and dispenses the snow at His choosing.

Snow is a treasure because of its peculiarity.

Did you know that there are many different shapes of snowflakes?  There are 10 general categories that snowflakes fall into.  Under a microscope you could see some that are like needles, others like starts, some like trees, others like fishbones, and some like bullets.  But no two snowflakes are exactly the same. We are like the snow.  Of the billions of people on earth, past, present and future, there will never be someone like you.  Our fingerprints, footprints, even our eyeballs are unique from anyone else.  What does this say about God and us?  Like snow, we have a Designer, a distinction, and a destiny.

Snow is a treasure because of its purity.

Psalm 51:7 tells us, ‘wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.’  Isaiah 1:18 tells us, ‘though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.’  Snow has a powerful cleansing effect on the atmosphere.  It is actually formed around some small matter already existing in the atmosphere, a piece of dust.  Though we have been corrupted by sin and cannot conceal the stain, we can be cleaner than snow because of Jesus.

Snow is a treasure because of its power.

We usually look at snow for its beauty or for its recreational purposes (skiing, snowmobiling, etc), but this week witnessed the power of snow and wind.  Think of this: 20% of the world’s land mass is covered permanently by snow.  1/3 of the world’s water used for irrigation comes from snow.  It is snow that powers the Rio Grande, the Colorado, the Missouri and the Columbia Rivers.  It is estimated that melted snow produces 26 trillion galllons of water each year just for the Columbia River – enough to cover Kansas knee deep or raise lake Michigan by 6 feet.  God uses something as small as a snowflake as a source of great power.

Snow is a treasure because of its passage.

All the snow will be gone soon.  Like snow we do not remain.  But like snow we shall be changed. We are of much greater value than even snow!  God wants to wash us, and clean us to the point that we are whiter than snow!  So, when you look out the window and see all the snow, realize that it won’t last long, but will be changed to something more useful, rain.  We too shall be changed into what God wants us to be!

Can you think of anything else positive when you think of ‘snow’?