girls laughingHave you ever had such a good time that you wished it would go on forever?  I have.  I’ve laughed so hard I’ve cried.  I’ve heard it said that Christians are the only ones who really have a legitimate right to have a good time.  Maybe so.  But I think it is a gift from God for us to have the capacity to have fun.

Many people never develop having fun.  Their enjoyment is always accompanied by a dissatisfaction because of its brevity, an overemphasis of its liability, or one of a thousand different complexes that immune people from having fun.  There are several things that we can do to enhance our chances for happiness in life.

1. Remember that everything is relative. 

What can be an enjoyment to one can be a drudgery to another depending on the plateau of life in which he lives.  Two people can eat the same meal. One can enjoy it; the other cannot because he is accustomed to a better standard of living than the other.  So, it is important for us to compare our present experiences with our darker days rather than our brighter ones.  If there were no darkness, there could be no light.  If there were no cold weather, we would never really enjoy the hot weather.  How high something is depends on the thing with which we compare it.  Since most everything is relative, one should compare an experience with lesser ones that he has had and find joy and happiness in what he is doing.

2. Learn to rejoice in sorrow.  

The Apostle Paul said that he gloried in his tribulations.  The Psalmist said, ‘They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”  There is a way that a person can be happy in both joy and sorrow.  When we share a sorrowful experience, we can rejoice in that a tear today is an investment for a laugh tomorrow.  There are some reasons to rejoice in sorrow.  One draws closer to the Lord in such sorrowful times.  Friends who share life’s dark hours become better friends.  Your happiness will not be determined how happy you are on your happiest day, but how happy you are on your saddest day.  it is not the height of the mountains but the heights of the valleys that determines joy and happiness.

3. Remember from past experiences the recipe for fun.  

Many times after enjoying the cooking of someone else, my wife will ask for the recipe so we can enjoy the food later at our home.  The same can be applied to life.  When a person has a good time, its good to remember the ‘recipe.’  That will give a recipe for fun and enjoyment so you can do it again and again and even share it with others.  If at the close of a happy time, you sat down and listed the ingredients, maybe it would help the next time you were wanting to have a good time. Some good times don’t seem all that good until it’s nearly over.  And some bad times don’t seem all that bad until a little later.

4. The good time of others should always be considered.  

Humor is not something to be exhibited, demonstrated or applauded at the peril of others.  Rather it is to be used to make others happy.  Used properly and unselfishly, humor can be a great tool for others.  Used carelessly and unwisely, it could become a weapon against others and ourselves.

What makes you happy?