Family is very important to me. I love my family and want all my family to have God’s best in their lives. Even in my ministry as a pastor, I spend much of my time dealing with family issues in my congregation. Several sermons and sermon series are devoted to helping families enjoy God’s blessings.

My newest book is called “The Family Game.” I have taken seven favorite family games and compared them with issues that every family faces. While games may come with instructions, some family issues don’t. Or do they? In “The Family Game” you will discover that the Bible has wonderful instructions for every issue a family may face. I think you’ll like it.

Chapter Titles include:

  1. The Game of Life (winning)
  2. Barrel of Monkeys (children)
  3. Chutes and Ladders (parenting)
  4. Battleship (fighting)
  5. Charades (communication)
  6. Sorry (forgiveness)
  7. Monopoly (finances.

Comments about “The Family Game”…

“…wonderful, easy to read book that I highly recommend for any parent or grandparent…” Debbie C.

“I loved it! Very practical, down-to-earth. What everyone needs to read.” Karen H.

“I really enjoyed this! I love that it is easy to understand the topics and they relate so well.” Linda H.

“I loved it. It has some very good information in it.” Karen W.

“Powerful, inspiring, hopeful.” Janet C.

“This book is awesome. I’m looking forward to reading it again.” Sandy H.

You can order “The Family Game” on Amazon at the following link: THE FAMILY GAME.

Greg Burdine