When I look in the mirror, I see myself. But I never see my whole self. I see the me I want to see and ignore the rest. I pick and choose what I want to look at and admire. Mirrors that hide what I don’t want to see will eventually hurt me.

But I have some mirrors in my life that reveal the parts of me that I’d rather not admit are there. They reveal something about me that I’d rather deny existed. I try to avoid these kinds of mirrors.

My wife is sometimes that kind of mirror. When I hurt her, it shows immediately in her face and in her voice. I hate to look into eyes that I have hurt by my words or actions.

Sometimes I get mad at the mirrors that reveal the truth about me – as if it is the mirror’s fault. I turn from the mirror and leave the room.

Deep down I can be a coward… and a fool. Only until I have the courage to look at the truthful mirrors in my life can I begin to see improvement in my life. Until I  admit to myself what is revealed in the mirrors of my life will I find true freedom to face the evil and selfishness in my life.

The denial of my sin and selfishness will protect, preserve, and perpetuate my sin and selfishness. The ugliness will grow as I deny it exists.

The cross of Jesus is one of those mirrors in my life. His suffering and death allow me to see me in my extreme sin and selfishness. Because of who I am, I am separated from God. Jesus took the punishment that should have been mine. When I see in His eyes the punishment He was facing, I am not only horrified by what He went through, but ashamed that He did it all for me. It was for my sin that He died the way He did.

When I see Jesus’ death, I see my death. And the more I look at His death, the more I realize I am dead, since He died in my place. Death is not only a tragic end, it is a glorious beginning. Not only is His death my death, His resurrection is my resurrection. A new life that is lived, not in the ugliness that is found in the mirrors of my life. But a life that is lived in the fullness of resurrection life that is free and forgiven.

So as you consider the cross of Jesus this Easter, I hope you will see in Him the ugliness of your sin as He died for you on the cross. Yes, it’s your fault! But He did it because He loves you. As we come to Him, in our humble repentance, we will find forgiveness and new life.