Jesus voteMany Christians are highly involved in politics.  Money, time, energy, and passion are given to candidates and issues.  Sometimes it seemed like every time I’m around certain Christians, they have something to say about our world’s condition and what we as Christians or Americans need to do about it.  I receive emails, see Facebook pages, get fliers in the mail, and even phone calls to do something about our country.

I think it is good to get involved in the direction of our community and country.  Christians need to be good citizens. But Christians to need to realize that we are more citizens of Heaven than we are citizens of America.

So how should a Christian react to some of the ungodly, unChristian, and immoral activities that our society is embracing? Scripture tells us “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal…” (2 Corinthians 10:4).  This means that the weapons we should not be the same weapons the rest of the world uses.  Christians are to fight the good fight through prayer and the Word.  I don’t think we will ever change America through politics, so why put that much emphasis on our political system?  America will only change if individual lives are transformed by the power of the Gospel, so why not put the majority of our energy, finances, and time into getting the Gospel into the world?

Did you ever think about how Paul & the early Christians reacted to the pagan philosophies of their world?  Did they get involved in any political system, try to wage a culture war, or even protest in any way?  No. In all the New Testament you will never find any of them preaching against the injustices of the political system.  They spent their time preaching the Gospel to the lost world.  You change a society by changing the people of the society.  And the only permanent change-agent in the world is JESUS!

I wish Christians would get as excited about Jesus as they are about their candidate or political issue. The same people who seldom talk about Jesus to their co-workers, will spend hours talking about how much better America would be if someone else were President or if the Congress or Senate would go a different direction. What about how much better life will be if people receive Jesus as Savior?  The same people who never pass out Gospel tracts have every political sign for their party in their yard and on their bumper during election time.  Doesn’t the name of Jesus deserve to be broadcast?

I am not opposed to passionate campaigning for candidates that reflect your values and morals. As a matter of fact, I think it is a Christian duty to be involved in the welfare and future of our country.  What I am opposed to is a Christian more involved in the temporary issues (though important) more than the eternal issues.  May we take the same passion and redirect it toward magnifying our Savior and introducing people to Jesus.  It’s not just 4 more years we’re campaigning for – it’s eternity!  It’s not just about America!  It’s about Heaven & Hell!

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